A Better Library Management System

Allows you to painlessly report on the information you need to report on, makes information effortlessly available to your users and is flexible enough to suit your organization’s needs

Federated Search


Locate all your resources in one place using federated search. Find results from your library catalog alongside third party sources such as EBSCO or Proquest

Cloud Hosting


Reliable and secure certified T4 hosting facilities are available for hassle-free setup and access via the cloud. Self-hosted setups are also supported

Liberty Link App


The Liberty Link mobile app is available for both Android and iOS to ensure your users have access to the information they need on-the-go



Be part of a community of like-minded users. Attend user groups, free training sessions and forums where you can learn and be involved with the direction of the product

Single Sign-on

Support for Single Sign-on (SSO) means secure and convenient access to the library catalog without being asked to login

Integration Options

Use our APIs to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, or expand your library’s catalog by integrating with OverDrive, ClickView and other providers

Full Text Search

Search all the fields within your catalog, including any information within your electronic resources such as Word or PDF documents

Reporting & Analytics

Create custom, detailed reports to focus on areas important to you. Schedule reports and have them sent directly to your inbox

Complete Asset Management Solution

Manage any type of resource your library provides, whether it be physical, virtual or electronic. Track equipment or any other assets belonging to your organization

First Class Support

Access to a support team comprised of qualified professionals who understand both library processes and related technologies. Support is available via online chat, Email or phone

Dynamic Home Page

Provide your users with a home page targeting their interests and highlighting information via featured lists, carousels, sliders, videos and more

Powerful Statistics

Easily keep track of library operations through the analytical reporting interface

Customizable Interface

Customize the layout and contents of any and every page in the system to suit your library’s needs

What our customers think

Our customers are with us for the long haul because we put them first. But don’t take our word for it, hear what they have to say about us!

“We love that it is reliable and that we have had consistent friendly support over many years. The software is being continually developed and we find that Softlink staff listen and respond to us librarians, incorporating sought-after new or adapted features into their upgrades where possible.”

Lorraine Weston-Webb, Library Manager

“We have been using Liberty for 10 years and find the customer support really helpful. Responses are timely and efficient and it’s great that Softlink targets the specific needs of its customers.”

Ani Dragomirova, Catalog & Library Services Specialist

Library Software for Everyone


Our library management software is used across a wide range of industries. Our customers include law firms, hospitals, public libraries, universities, colleges, registered training organizations (RTOs), government departments, sporting industries, non-profits and more

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